Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wet Snow

Yesterday we had a brief wet snow storm. It wasn't very cold and the wet snow made for great snowballs.

Zack had a blast trying to catch them.

We definitely need the moisture here so this latest "warm" snow was very welcome.


Posie said...

Hezzo Wiggly Zack, I haz been lookin fruu border teriorrs blogs n i saw youz so I thot I wud say hi! I iz Posie n I too iz a border terrior! It iz nyce to c a felloo blak n tan border!!! love n lix, p-dog xox

Paws on the Run said...

I must have been in the basement while the snow was this thick on the ground as barely saw any of this at all! I'm glad Zack got to enjoy it!

lifewithmydogs said...

It's nice to see he's better to enjoy the snow! I wonder if he'll ever catch a snowball again? :)

BODIE said...

Hey Zack it looks cold. Where's your jumper, I bet Mum had hers on?

marley said...

oh no! We ave been baskin in the sun all weekend!!