Wednesday, March 28, 2012

They're Here, G-O-P-H-E-R-S

You know it is a sure sign of spring when the gophers have woken up from their long winter sleep. For the non-Canadians who read my blog they live in colonies in burrows under the ground kinda like meerkats and are actually really cute. They have lookouts just like the meerkats as well watching for hawks, snakes and of course our family dogs!!!

They are also called prairie dogs as they bark warnings to each other for oncoming danger (although it sounds more like a loud chirp than a bark). It is quite the chorus when Zack is about. This chirping is what alerts Zack that the gophers are about.

This is what a gopher looks like when it sees Zack - barking a very loud warning LOL!!!

Zack found the holes but the gophers had all disappeared underground

I think it is the chirping noise that sets Zack in a frenzy - he sees them occasionally running for their lives but so far he is not quick enough to catch one as they always disappear down their holes first. He seems totally bewildered as to where they went. Luckily Zack is not a digger but he has fun with the chase. Once the gopher has gone "down the hatch" Zack looks at me as if it was all my fault they disappeared LOL !!!!


lifewithmydogs said...

I'm glad we don't have gophers around here, Dusty would be digging them out without second thought!

BODIE said...

Eek look at the fangs on those things, reminds me of a Hamster I had to look after in London. Those teef scared the life outta me.

marley said...

Wow, those gophers look like fun. Me n Lola would go crazy for them. Probbly best you keep em tho as I am not allowed to do any excitin runnin about...typist says he saw some at a zoo once just out on an open patch of grass takin noms from peeples hands. Cute liitle fellas he say