Saturday, March 31, 2012

Trek Across Town

Last Wednesday Zack and I made the 8km journey from home across the river valley to downtown Lethbridge to visit Pete at work.

We haven't been this route for some time and Zack was in heaven - he was like a little tracking dog with his nose glued to the ground most of the way.

I had to keep poor Zack on his leash in the river valley as we were headed towards the busy main road across the river. I didn't want a deer to pop out at the wrong time with Zack in hot pursuit.

We went through the tunnel that goes under that busy road and Zack thought it was great to bark his head off as we went through echoing all the way LOL!!! Not sure if he was scared or thought it was a hoot. We kept on walkin, walkin, walkin and made our way to the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Oldman River.

Nothing seems to phase Zack he didn't care that he was 100 ft up and stopped to take a peak. Rather him than me as I swear that bridge moves in the wind.....

walkin, walkin, walkin

The view in the middle of the bridge was pretty great - I can't wait til everything is green and the trees are out and the spring run off fills the water in the river - it is so spectacular then.

Once we crossed the bridge we headed down the other side of the river valley across to Fort Whoop Up.

No dogs are allowed inside the Fort but the gates were open and we snuck in the entrance to snap this dangerously for 10 seconds ahahahah. Nobody saw us and we were soon on our way.

kept on walkin walkin walkin up the big hill to the downtown core of the City of Lethbridge. Walking up the hill was not as enjoyable as walking down LOL!!! That was me talking not Zack as if you didn't know.

Finally we got to the Chancery Court building where both Pete and I actually work. I work on the 6th floor and Pete on the 4th. How convenient is that!! Zack had a great office visit, but that will be another post.


Paws on the Run said...

Nice that the weather is getting better so you can do that walk again. Lacey is afraid of the tunnel AND the bridge so she doesn't enjoy that route very much. LOL

lifewithmydogs said...

That sounds like a gigantic walk! How is Zack not panting?

marley said...

Looks like a great walk Zack. Cant wait to see the next installment.