Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Knew It

I knew something wasn't quite right with Zack when he wasn't eating his food properly (as per my previous post). Sure enough he has started up again with his loud rumbling painful belly and the odd vomit. I have all his meds for pain, antacids, you name it we have it, and have started giving him some to relieve his symptoms. They are quite mild compared to what he has had in the past so that is good and in between these bouts which always seem to occur in the early morning hours he is perfectly normal so it is just something we have to deal with.

I always try and figure out what could set him off but can never put my finger on anything. He has had leash walking so no eating any poop or anything lately and no different food or anything. It is so weird.

I was thinking back and in the past he seems to go through this painful belly for about a month or two (not everyday but on and off) and then will be perfectly normal again for months on end. He hasn't had a bad bout since last October which has been great.

Get better soon Zacky boy.


Paws on the Run said...

Poor guy. I hope it doesn't last long!

onecollie said...

how frustrating for you Lisa, hope Zack is back to his old frisky self soon !

Constance said...

Poor Zacky. Paisley & I hope he feels better soon.

lifewithmydogs said...

Poor Zack. He's lucky to have such a caring mum to help him get better!

atcoma said...

Get better Zack!

marley said...

I ope you do be feelin better soon Zack. We dussnt like it when pals be ill. Woof