Friday, March 9, 2012


I have always been interested in animal behaviour and can watch any animals for hours on end being truly fascinated. This last week was no exception being that it was my own animals I was watching. As you know Zack has been poorly this last week and I was amazed how Asia (Fat Cat) knew he was feeling bad. She never left his side.

When Zack came home from his stay at the vet clinic Asia was almost frantic to see him and as Zack was still very lethargic from the drugs he just laid down on the couch. Asia went right over and started licking him and cleaning him all over. Zack stirred and then leant into Asia enjoying the closeness and warm comfort. Did she lick him cuz he smelled like the vets or was it cuz she knew he needed her? I think he really was glad she was there anyway.

When Zack would go outside Asia would follow him to the door and wait til he came back in before she would go and relax again. She has been his nursemaid, furry hot water bottle and constant companion. Today Zack is almost back to normal (fingers crossed) and Asia has relaxed her 24 hour watch over him and now watches him from across the room but she is never too far away. I truly believe animals do have feelings, souls and lifelong friends, just like we do.

I think people can learn a lot from animal behaviour and I am so glad I share my life with them.


atcoma said...

How incredibly sweet :) Fingers crossed that Zack is getting better!

BODIE said...

So agree. Ash the cat was like a third BT in the family. She always liked to be where the action was even from a respectable watching distance when it got too rough. And why I like raw feeding my dogs, its like watching animal planet just seeing them take time with thier dinner every night.