Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Playmates

My friend Sharon has been babysitting a pair of Miniature Pinchers  for a while who are quite reactive to other dogs on the leash.   She was wanting to find out if they really were aggressive and asked if I would see what they were like with Zack as she hasn't let them get that close to a dog she doesn't know.   Anyways Zack met the two min pins and it's true they were all bark and no bite.   Really sweet little dogs actually so we let them have some play time in the back garden.

This is Dingo.  He is the playful one who has these really light eyes which look a little crazy at times !!! LOL

 This is Boone.  He is the calmer one and loves to snuggle - I even got kisses......sweet

They all got along so well and it was funny to see three dogs just about the same size, although I think Zack had a few pounds on them...They were checking out the tiny apples that had blown off the tree from the storm the night before.

Zack and Dingo ran round the garden like crazy and all my photos were either a leg, a head or all blur.  This one is even blurry but it gives you an idea of how much fun Zacky had.

My friend Sharon has now decided that she is going to get a Min Pin of her own  hopefully one day in the near future.    It will be a big change as her previous dog was Mel, a Scottish Deerhound who was magnificent, funny, clown like and a big suck.   Everyone loved him.     After not having a dog for a few years it will be good for my friend to have another dog around even if it comes in a smaller package.

The three Amigos, Zack, Dingo and Boone :)

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BordoggyTerrier said...

It is dark here, about to pour with rain, but looking at your pictures of the three amigos having so much fun and frolicks together really brought a sunny smile to our day! I even fancied a tiny apple myself! x