Monday, June 18, 2012

Blond Bumshell

This last little while I have noticed Zacky's bum is turning blonder and blonder. I haven't stripped his bum EVER because I just love his little bum whorls and don't want them to disappear.

Don't you think it looks like he has a fantastic mustache and little goatee beard?    It makes me chuckle LOL.

His butt is so cute except when there is a "cling on"!!!!


marley said...

I got stripped this week...not sure what happened behind me but no doubt i dussnt ave quite such an excitin pattern...

Posie said...

heeheheehee dis mayde me giggel! I awlwaiys gett every bitt owf me strippered n I still hass little butt whorls! eets troo! butt zacky's blondee wuns arr exshtra speshul heeheehee love n likkers pdorg xoxx

BODIE said...

Mines get stripped every year and they grow back strong. We's call em smoke rings, yours are way cute.

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