Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hunkered Down and the Royal Jubiliee

Being a Brit who lives in Canada I still love all the pageantry involved in the Jubiliee and the Queen. I have watched as much of it as I can and enjoyed every minute of it - love all the horses. Last night was the concert on TV and it was brilliant, Elton John, Paul McCartney to name but a few but at the same time it was frightening as we had a severe thunderstorm warning and tornadoes around our area. Emergency alerts were interrupting the concert on TV telling people to take cover and warning of tornadoes that could develop. This is a rare occurrence in our area. It was so dark out you couldn't see so I put fat cat in the kennel and Zack, my 86 year old dad and I all hunkered down in the basement just to be safe. Pete is in Vancouver on business so was missing it all. A tornado touched down south of Lethbridge, here is the photo.... scary stuff. There was some damage but I don't think anyone was hurt. Luckily Lethbridge was spared and hope now we don't get flooding from the high rivers from all the rain. Don't think Zack will be walking anywhere near the river area for a while. It was a great night and uneasy night all at the same time. Zacky pretty much slept through the whole thing - oblivious. Probably for the best I reckon.


euthymic said...

Glad to hear that you are safe. Yes, the Queen's Golden Jubilee was breathtaking.

Hugs and chugs:)

BordoggyTerrier said...

Oh my word never mind the Jubilee, it was all happening there! Glad you and your family are ok, knew Zack would be fine, I am sure he was a good calming influence during the turbulence of that dramatic weather! Glad you got to share some of the Jubilee despite adversity! Take care, x

marley said...

Oh my werd, wot drama. All we got was rain and soggy buntin.

lifewithmydogs said...

Woah! That's awesome and scary at the same time! Good to see no one was hurt, though.