Thursday, June 14, 2012

In the Garden

In between the rain and the thunderstorms that we have had lately there have been  moments in the garden when the weather has been perfect.

I just got some of my annual flowers added  in my flower beds.  Now Zack's favourite pastime  has been to run through the flower beds, sit on the flowers, pee on the flowers and oh yeah pooping too (yup natural fertilizer Zack tells me LOL).   He has been having lots of fun.

Today he decided he likes rolling in the dirt too wiggling around like a banshee, legs flailing and flowers flying!!!!

Doh, you have to let me have some fun mum!!!

I must admit Zacky is pretty good for a terrier in the garden he doesn't dig which is a godsend and he loves to eat all my dandelions!!!  Yay Zacky.

I put up a bird feeder for first time and have had lots of birds including this house finch and American goldfinch which have been regulars.   Zack has never bothered with the birds too much he doesn't chase them or anything - weird but true.

The other morning tho I let Zack in the back garden  for his usual morning rituals and after I did so I saw there was a suicidal rabbit sitting in the middle of our back lawn!!!.  Yep, bold as brass he was just sitting there.    I don't know whether Zack was spaced out on dandelions or just still had sleep in his eyes but he didn't see the bunny and as soon as it saw Zack it scarpered under the fence --- smart choice as Zack may not be interested in birds but oh hell rabbits are another story.    He missed out on some tasty breakfast that morning I tell ya!!!  It all happened so quickly I didn't get a picture.

Zack goes to doggy daycare tomorrow so I will have to get another "after effects" photo for you all to see as I haven't done that in a while.  


lifewithmydogs said...

Good old Zack, such a well bahaved doggie!

BordoggyTerrier said...

Paw for he obviously thinks the flowers are that pretty he just has to sit and blend his pretty face in with them? Maybe he likes the smell? Daddy2Legs had to put a fence around out Veg patch, but otherwise I rarely dig too (barring under the trampoline mind - gotta ey!) - and Zacky has the right idea with dandelions - hmmmmm! Hope you get more better weather - something we are again sadly lacking! x

BODIE said...

Hmmm Mrs Magoo managed to rip a small tree out of our garden so we are well impressed that flowers can survive a BT.