Saturday, June 2, 2012

Walk for Guide Dogs (Part 1)

This morning was our annual charity walk for Guide Dogs. It is always a fun event with lots of dogs and people showing up to raise money for this great cause. Zack and I waited for our friends to arrive so we could walk to the event to calm the dogs down before we got there (LOL). Zack was patiently waiting on our front door step for his buddies Monty and Paisley.
Monty arrived and he is a big sucker but he is really gorgeous and belongs to my friend Carla who is Zacky's vet.
Paisley is a little more petite and lady like and who Zack walks with all the time and who you may have seen me post about before. She is a lovely parti-poodle. They waited together while I went to get registered for the walk.
It is great to see the guide dogs and service dogs "doing there thing" with all the chaos going on around them.
it truly amazes me
Zack gets so excited with so many dogs he is beside himself wanting to greet everybody
but he just "had" to get back to Paisley and Monty before the walk started
and then we were off.......Part 2 to follow


BordoggyTerrier said...

Oh wow looks a great event for a good cause - I feel for the 2Legs though, having to keep up with all them keen Fabulous Furs all eager to make up pace and distance ey! - and my oh my isn't Monty a fine specimen of a 4Leg to behold! (Paisley being colourful and cute to!) - I would perhaps be too past myself with excitement to walk on a lead with other 4Legs with any sort of dignity! - perhaps it's best I come a paw plodding back over here to watch you instead - ha ha! Take care, x

Paws on the Run said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun. I seem to be away every year on the weekend they hold it. Next year I hope to be here!

marley said...

Well done my pal. Is a great cause to be suppawtin. Typist has many blind friends and he kno they do all love their doggies...