Monday, June 4, 2012

Guide Dog Walk (final instalment)

While we were hanging about gabbing Zack couldn't pass up the opportunity to play with Paisley his little devil ears making another appearance (tee hee) he also found this cute little white fluff ball to play with too and she didn't want Zacky to leave but it was time to start walking home. Before we left I took pictures of Zack's poodle buddies first Paisley Monty Zacky may not be a poodle but he is one cute terrier who was so pooped when we got home he started to drop off half sitting up LOL!!! I think he had a fun day :)


Posie said...

oh zacky- yourr furrends look liyke lotdsa funn! N yoor piktyoor att da endd derre - yourr facey is priyceless!! yoo cyooty!! Love n likers, pdorg xoxo

BordoggyTerrier said...

Oh what fun, frolicks and shananagins you all looked to be having there - us Borders take some tiring out, being so strong, so full of strength and stamina and as determined as can be to not miss a thing - it must have been one great day out Zacky! Great to see x

Constance said...

Paisley & I had fun! Thanks for suggesting it. She can't pass up any opportunity to play with Zacky, that's for sure.