Sunday, June 3, 2012

Walk for Guide Dogs (Part 2)

Walkin, walkin, walkin
After the charity walk round the park was over Zacky was one thirsty pup
and it was time for a doggy meet and greet
There were lots of dogs of all shapes and sizes it was great. There were two bernese mountain dogs with carts that went round the lake pulling little children in the cart. It was really neat.
We met up with my good friend Liz who is a vet tech at Zack's vet clinic and her cute little ShihTzu, Zoey, who she took in. Zoey was quite shy when Liz first got her but is coming out of her shell and a real sweety. Zack & Zoey have walked quite a bit together and Liz and Zoey are going to look after Zacky later this year when we go away on holidays..hope they know what they are in for :) --- Zack's good really he is.....
Look at Zoey's cute little face.
Zack just had to show off his upside down wiggly moves in the grass in front of all the girls
and then it was play time....Part 3 to follow


Paws on the Run said...

How cool would it be to get a ride from a Berner! Too bad I'm too big. LOL

Posie said...

okayz furshtly, dat ees sooo cool abowt da berner waggons, I's wood ahvv enjoyered dat myself heehe! Sekurndly, Zoeey is a cyootie fur shure, yeah n Lashtly Wiggly Zackk I iz luvvin yoor wiggly mooves, eets troo! heehee love n likkers, pdorg xox