Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blogging Blues

I think I have had the blogging blues.   It has been two weeks since I last blogged about little Zacky.   I don't know why but I haven't felt like blogging.    We have even been away for a few day's at my sisters in Montana too and I didn't take one picture, not one while I was down there.    I must have come down with blogitis or something.  

Today is a new day and I think I have my groove back  - it's not like I can ever run out of things to say about my little terriorist.

Zack hasn't changed he is up to mischief one minute and then a little angel cuddle bug the next.   The hot weather has been draining for both Zack and me so we haven't been walking as far or we go later on when it cools down.  Zack gets frustrated waiting for his walk and tends to get barky so I get him going with this Wubba Kong in the garden.... it's hilarious

One day I will have to get a video camera with sound so you can hear him growling and slapping that thing as hard as he can!!!!


marley said...

Hi my pal. We kno ow it is wiv da bloggin. Sumtimes the inspirayshun just do not be there. Good to see you back tho and enjoyin some exercise.

Molly The Wally said...

Welcome back and looking forward to see more. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

BordoggyTerrier said...

Hi there Zacky - we beat you there, been about 3 weeks since Mummy2Legs got her bottom in gear and posted more on marvellous me! - alas, we have been on holiday I think they call it, (I can think of a selection of befitting words it has to be said) - be thinking secretly Mummy2Legs and I are glad to be back from camping! We should be able to catch up in the next few days, but do you know what, the world did not end....we are here for anybody that wants us or drops by and leaves a message, otherwise we are here as and when we can....great to see Zacky up to his usual antics there! Great to hear from you both as and when you can - take care, me and hapless Mummy2Legs xxx