Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's All About Fat Cat

Fat Cat has the mind that life evolves around her.    Well may be it does.   It starts before we wake up with her howling and howling - "feed me"  "feed me" and banging on the bedroom door.    Of course I get up and feed her :)

Due to her wide girth she only gets a small amount of food a day and is always hungry so as soon as we are properly up and go downstairs to feed Zack she is howling for his food as well as she has gobbled hers already.    She eats laying down like a queen.   I wonder if she expects me to hand her each kibble one by one like a slave feeding the queen grapes LOL.  

Some days I have to put her in the kennel to let Zack eat as she would push him out, honestly it is really bad.   It's hard enough to get Zack to eat sometimes and it doesn't help when Fat Cat is trying to chow down his food!!! 

Earlier this year Fat Cat had senior blood tests done and we found out she was hyperthyroid.   So far she is asymptomatic (other than her being hungry), not lost any weight or had any issues which is a good thing.   She is still not on any medication either and the vets just tell me to watch until she starts to lose weight before we start any medication.   We shall see if that day ever comes :)

 When strangers or other dogs come over she "holds the fort" under the coffee table and sits there like a brick.    No matter what dogs come round she never runs and if they come near her she gives them what for.    Most dogs are terrified!!!   Seriously, poor Nina the schnauzer goes screaming down the hall like somethings trying to kill her.....even though it is just a fur covered bowling ball trotting after her with belly waddle swinging from side to side as she goes....oooh scary Fat Cat - but Fat Cat knows she is the queen and that's all that matters.

I think Fat Cat is the once in a lifetime cat for me.   She is so loveable with us and it is so hard to explain to people that is the way she is because she is not keen on other people and absolutely hates the vet.   I wouldn't have her any other way tho.    Zack just loves her too and they still cuddle all the time.   

Fat Cat is 11 years old now, I hope she lives a long long time so that she can be Zack's pal for the rest of his life.   I don't think we will find another cat like her that's for sure.

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Molly The Wally said...

Fat cat is such a laugh. Feeding her kibbles one by one ,,,ha ha! What a character! Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly