Saturday, August 18, 2012

No Trouble

Deuce the Whippet mix arrived a day early but we didn't mind at all as he is no trouble.   

Zack of course was so over excited to see him that he pestered poor Deuce a bit the first night for an hour or so wanting him to play but Zack soon realized that Deuce now being around 10 years old didn't feel like playing ALL the time and was quite content to "just hang out together".    Deuce is such a good dog and they were both soon curled up sleeping.

The next day tho Deuce decided it was time for a play after all and started running round the back garden and stealing Zack's was so funny

 Zack thought this was the best thing ever!!!!!   Zack was moving so fast to try and keep up to the whippet that all the pictures with him in were all blurry...ahahahah

With the weather being so hot lately we have been walking early in the morning and late in the evening and finally I have found another place to let the dogs off the lead for a run.   My favourite walk is "off limits" now til November cuz of the rattlesnakes in that area.   We have heard of two dogs now being bit over there this summer and I am not going to take any chances. 

The new field is aways away from home but it is nice and open so the dogs can have a good run and alot less chance of seeing a snake.  There is a nice dirt road to walk on so not trudging through too much rough weeds and undergrowth, etc.  but there are burrs,   I have always marveled at Zack's wiry coat as being the best repellent to everything natural but whatever these tiny miniscule little burrs are they stick to his fur too, darn it.  I was picking them off him forever this morning but Zacky thought it was fun and was wiggling all over the place - I think he's ticklish ahahahah  

After having a good run this morning in the fields, having some noms, Zack and Deuce are now  content to lay in the sun in the garden.

Aaaaaah what a life....


Molly The Wally said...

Zack you are sure having fun with your pal! Have a great Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

marley said...

I wish you a great break wiv Deuce my chum and I fink mum is bein very sensible bout the rattlers.

BODIE said...

Having mates over to play is the bestest.