Saturday, August 11, 2012

Poor Nina

We don't normally see Nina (and Jim her dad) that often but we got to enjoy her again recently under sad circumstances.   Her big sister, Kiki the yellow labrador passed away at the vets waiting for an ultrasound.   She was 10 years old and it was all very sudden.   Very sad.    Nina hasn't known life at her house without Kiki and has been having a hard time when being left alone.  Luckily Jim takes Nina to work with him everyday which is great but at other times when Nina has been left alone she has been stressed without Kiki and got into mischief in the house - I understand Jim came home one evening and the house was a mess and little Nina was on the dining room table!!   So when Jim had to go away for the day he didn't want to leave her for that long until she adjusts to being alone so he dropped her off at our house.   Of course we didn't mind at all....and Nina soon made herself at home

 Zack helped to take her mind off of the loss

he even shared his favourite wubba kong

well sort of

We didn't really know Kiki the labrador as much as being older Jim didn't take her too many places but I think it has been a terrible loss to them....  anything we can do to ease the pain for  both Nina and her family we will.

I didn't get pictures but later in the day we even took her down to the river and Zack, Nina and I sat on the riverbank and watched Pete fish and the swallows do their thing - it was lovely.   I think Nina had a good day.   When Jim came to pick her up later that night she was so cute and ran down the street to him, Jim scooped her up and fussed her all over.....  You have to know Jim but he is a hunter, a tough kinda guy who doesn't really like "little" dogs..... you know a hunting dog is the only way to go bla bla bla..... but little Nina is the light of his life now and he just adores her ----- scruffy little dogs rock!!!!!

Hopefully the loss will get easier and may be one day Nina will get a new little pup at home to keep her company.

This coming Thursday we have another guest coming to stay for a few days, Deuce the whippet x, while his family goes away on holidays.

It is ever the revolving door for dogs in our house but I don't think Zack minds a bit!!!!


Molly The Wally said...

Well done Zack helping your friend. Have a brilliant Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

marley said...

Aw, well done for you all elpin out Nina. You is very kind and I do ope she lern to be relaxed when her peeples do be away. Avin a whippet to stay do sound fun....they are a bit fast for me these days but I am sure Zack gonna love it.

BordoggyTerrier said...

Zack has so many good friends to play with, look and be looked after by - so good to see him there with Nina. Love Barnie x