Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Agility Class #4

Last night we had agility class #4. It was a cool, showery evening but the rain held off for our class which was great. We learned a few new moves that would be required for the agility and one of them is working from the right hand side. It sure feels awkward at this point as Zack and I have only worked rally obedience mostly from the left side. It will be good to get him to work from both sides that's for sure. I will definitely have to practice for myself more than for Zack as I am so uncoordinated.

Also we started using the pringle lids last night for the "touch" command. Zack seemed to catch on to that pretty good.

Zack frustrated me at times in class tho as his nose was just glued to the ground and not even food or his tug toy worked to get his attention. I know it is a new place and it is to be expected. I don't know if it's the gopher smells or all the dog smells but Zack loves them and pays no attention to me!!!! It is a good challenge tho and I have to remember to keep it fun, fun, fun, for Zack out there.

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onecollie said...

never fear Lisa!, he will catch on quick & learn what you are asking of him is more fun, try finding more exciting food, even if it is liver! yuck!
The smells bother Kort too, so many dogs have peed out there, it is hard for our boys to stay focused for sure!