Friday, May 14, 2010

The Little "Plucker"

After taking Zack out for a good run off leash last night and the fact he was panting quite hard, I thought it was about time to strip his coat for the summer so he will be cooler. It doesn't take too long and I just "plucked" away at his coat in the back yard. He looks alot better and his coat is actually less wiry. I start at his head and work my way down his body. It truly is like plucking a chicken, hence I use the term "plucked". I am sure it is not a correct term in the dog world but that is what I have always called it. Zack doesn't seem to mind me "plucking" away and seems to enjoy the attention. I always leave his face scruffy tho as I love his whiskers.

When Zack has been bad, I often hear my husband calling Zack, "you little plucker!".

I will post a picture of the new and "smooth" Zack in the near future (the battery in my camera is dead and I forgot to charge it).

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