Friday, May 21, 2010

Distraction for Me This Time

To take my mind off of Zack eating my hair clip yesterday and worrying about what might happen in the next few days, I finished the picture I was doing of him. It is in chalk pastel - which are like chalk pencil crayons. It is a much softer effect than paint. I haven't used them much as they are very different than paint to work with. Here is my first attempt.

Zack seems to be just fine this morning and is enjoying the extra rice rations he is getting. The poop patrol continues.


Sarah said...

beautiful Lisa, you captured him perfectly! I think you've inspired me to break out my pencils!!

onecollie said...

OMG!!!! It's gorgeous!
I want my picture done now!!! boo hoo to being poor LOL!

BODIE & GOO said...

Wow that pastel is beautiful, wish I was artistic. My two borders love to chew things such as pegs, and Goo carefully takes the plastic head off sewing pins if I have been stupid enough to drop one on the floor. Scary, but they seem to be as healthy as rabbits. Love reading about your antics Zack.