Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stressed. Why?

Why do dogs eat what they do? I can't get Zack to eat his dog food without coaxing him on any given day, so why does he eat things he shouldn't? I came home from lunch today to find that my cat must have knocked my big plastic hair clip off the counter and Zack had eaten half of it and there were bits all over the floor.

Now I am paranoid he is going to get a blockage or rip his intestines as it moves through. He seems fine right now and there is no point in getting an Xray at this point, but will probably end up at the vets if he starts to show any signs. Of course, if something is going to happen it will happen on the long weekend coming up. I am super stressed over this as my old Cavalier Riley did the same thing when he was young and the piece of wire (from a fake plant he ate) took 5 days to come out!!! At least he didn't have to have surgery. Hopefully, Zack will be lucky too especially because of his senstive bowels - I hate the thought of him having surgery of any kind. I always seem to end up with dogs that are "high maintenance health wise". Why?

I am going to feed him lots of rice to try and bulk up his stools to coat whatever is inside him and see what happens. May be he chewed the plastic into small enough bits - the wait and searching poops is on!!!


manymuddypaws said...

don't stress so much! my dogs eat stuff all the time, and i just watch and wait. it usually comes out eventually!

you could give him pumpkin too.

onecollie said...

bread, white bread binds to things in the gut.....but I bet he will be just fine & that he chewed the hair clip into small should see some of the things we see at daycare that come out :), try not to worry too much.

marley said...

Wow, you fink you got problems?? Look wot I did when mum and dad was out last weekend!!!