Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday Fun Match

Criky, yesterday was a crazy busy day for me, but I made time to go to my first Fun Match with Zack. It was a day of firsts.

I went to the Fun Match to do a rally run through. However, we ended up doing a novice obedience as well. Never trained at all for that but as it was a fun match so we could talk to the dogs a little more, etc. It was great. I did a sit for examination for Zack because he is just learning stand, but he still couldn't keep his wiggly butt still when the judge came over ahahaha.

Also, we did a 1 minute group sit stay and Zack rocked that. We then did a 3 minute down stay, Zack stayed for over 2 minutes (I had never trained him past 1 minute before) and he almost made the three. He did great. It was lots of fun.

Then we did the Rally and here is a video of me and Zack.

I totally screwed up one of the signs and totally missed the call front left finish!! I am such a dork!!! Read the signs Lisa!!! ahahahahah. It was lots of fun anyways. I wished I could have stayed to do the last run through for Rally but will have to wait for another day.

Blimy, this is only my second time I have uploaded a video to my blog. It has taken me 1 hour 13 minutes to figure out how to do it as I couldn't remember (I am technically challenged). Then I realized how simple it was - I am such an idiot!!! I missed blogging yesterday, so I guess I made the time for it today!! That's dedication and because I am a blogaholic!!!


onecollie said...

hi Lisa!
half of the video doesn't show up, go back to youtube & maybe make it a size larger if you can figure that out...then take the new embed code & copy & paste it....see if that helps...go to my blog, see the difference?
Let me know if I can help!
PS. Zack is doing AWESOME!!!!

Lisa said...

Jo, I couldn't figure out to make it a size larger. I clicked on the bigger size in the embed box but it just did the same thing as last time only bigger - still cut off. I will keep trying. Thanks for the help. Kort and Tate were amazing to watch and Perkins was such a cutie and he seemed to love it too!!!