Monday, May 10, 2010

Food Junkie

My cat Asia got her nickname "Fat Cat" because she is a petite framed cat but is built like a sumo wrestler.

As soon as I get up in the morning she is yelling at me for food. I give her her usual one scoop every morning (she is only allowed that because of her weight). After she has eaten a bit of her cat food she charges down the stairs after Zack and starts yelling for his food!!!

Zack has always been a picky eater and eats his canned food off a human plate (that's a whole other blog). However, Asia just pushes her way in and trys to get Zacks food too. It has gotten so bad that she pushes Zack away and I now have to kennel Asia when I feed Zack.

I got home for lunch last week to find Asia with her head on Zack's plate yelling at me for food. She didn't even move when I picked up the camera to take a photo of her, she just continued yelling at me.

She truly lives up to her nickname and I think she has become a definite food junkie!!! I can't give her any more food tho as she is so overweight already.

I think Asia and I are alike in many ways as if I were a cat I would probably look like Asia, and I have the same problem she does - food!!! ahahahaah

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