Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shitty Day

I came home at lunch today to pick Zack up to take him to daycare. When I entered the house I could smell it. Then I saw it. Zack had diarrhea all over my area rug in the living room - it even went under the coffee table!! The whole ground floor of my house is laminate but he had to go on the only rug. Of course I kept Zack home from daycare just in case. Anyways, I took about 1/2 an hour to clean and shampoo my area rug trying to get the mess and smell out. I thought I had got it all cleaned up when I turned around and stood in it. I had missed a spot. I felt it through my panty hose (sorry, don't mean to gross anyone out). Oh yeah, and it was the last pair of panty hose I had.

Then after I cleaned up again I went and got myself something for lunch. Lo and behold what do I do but spill it down the front of my white shirt!!! Typical. What more can happen in my lunch hour. Then I am racing round trying to get myself cleaned up and have to go and get another pair of panty hose before I get back to the office by 1:30.

To top off my not so great day, my 14 year old cat Cuddles has been having tests at the vets and I just found out that she has kidney failure. It is heartbreaking news and I am just coming to terms with it. It is in the early stages but I know there is no cure and it will only progress. I will keep her comfortable, but know I will have to make a decision to let her go at some point in the future as I don't want her to suffer.

It truly has been a shitty day!!!

On a brighter note, Zack is back to his usual boistrous self this evening so he is over whatever it was that upset his stomach.


onecollie said...

awww criky(LOL!!,I just had to say it !) Lisa what a day!!
I wondered what had happened when you didn't bring Zack!
We all have those days it seems & the weather I find is just making everything worse!

Lisa said...

Blimy it was a shitty one for sure!!!!! LOL (now)