Sunday, November 27, 2011

Crazy Sunday!!!

Took Zack for a lovely walk this morning knowing that there was a wind warning out but at 10 a.m. the wind had not picked up and we had a great time with my friend Liz and her little ShihTzu, Zoe. About 10 minutes after we got home the wind gusts began and haven't stopped. It has been 120km an hour winds which are Category 1 Hurricane. There were all sorts of buildings damaged, trees down, trucks blown off the highways and warnings all over the TV and radio to stay indoors as it was too dangerous to really be out. Downtown Calgary (a big city about 2 hours from Lethbridge) was actually closed downtown because windows from the skyscrapers had blown out and debris was everywhere - very dangerous. The winds there were 149km per hour. We normally get strong winds here but this is even extreme for us.

Then at about 4 pm this afternoon a huge grassfire started up just west of Lethbridge and is out of control as it is being fuelled by the strong winds. It has been very scary to say the least - there was so much smoke. We are lucky to be at the opposite end of the west side from where the fire is and don't think we are in any immediate danger but there are roads closed, and portions of the west side are on stand by to evacuate and others already evacuated as the fire is heading for the houses. I hope everyone gets out who needs to and takes there beloved pets with them!!!!

The wind is supposed to die down later this evening and hopefully the firefighters will be able to get the fires under control.

I will not be able to sleep very well tonight that's for sure.