Sunday, November 13, 2011

Popson Park

This morning for Zack's walk I decided to take him somewhere different for a change. We went down to Popson Park in the river valley near where we live. It is truly beautiful down there at this time of year - everything is so golden.

We don't normally go down there because of the chance of running into a rattlesnake but this time of the year they are hibernating
and not out so it is good and safe.

After being on the trail for a while Zacky got mobbed by a pack of dogs - yep he is in the middle there - see his little leg. My heart sank for a split second

but all was fine as he soon popped out none the worse for wear

they actually were all lovely dogs and after a quick play session with the Golden Retriever

Zack came running back to me

and we continued on our walk down towards the river.

It's too bad there are not more little dogs at the dog parks as it seems Zack is always the smallest of the dogs I see and that is why we don't go too often as he has been bowled over too many times. Today however the dogs we met were fine and it was lovely to go somewhere different for a change.

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