Thursday, November 24, 2011


Yesterday I took Zack out twice as his odd hop now seems to be better.

First thing in the morning Zack and I walked with Paisley and Constance and the wind was not too bad so actually the walk was nice. In the evening was my scheduled run session. The wind by then was blowing 100km an hour - like gale force. I really didn't want to go out in it and thought the treadmill looked way better but my friend said come on we will just stay out of the wind. Yeah right.

So I got ready, got Zack's running leash round my waist and off we went. OMG, I struggle as it is with my learn to run program and when you are facing that wind I was gasping - it was bloody awful. I swear good job Zack was tethered to my waist as he probably would have lifted off in that wind. The last turn home we set off running again and finally the wind was behind us and what a difference we flew down the road and it felt way better.

Crikey never again am I running in that strong of a wind tho - I must have been completely doolally. When I got home I had a bloodshot eye - not sure whether it was the wind or complete lack of oxygen!!!! LOL

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