Monday, November 7, 2011


As Zack can't have rawhides or the like because of his iffy belly we give him these Nylabones. They look and feel like rock hard plastic to me and so unappealing but thank goodness Zacky loves them and he will knaw on the Nylabone for hours leaving pools of drool behind him and very wet whiskers.

When Zack was having a check up recently at the vets they asked if I gave him bones. I said "no" but I do give him Nylabones and then they showed me how great it had been working to knock off the tarter on his toofums. Zack's teeth were great and you could seriously see the tarter that had been scraped off!!! It's nice to come away from the vets with some good news for a change.

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marley said...

Ok....MUM we needs a nylabone k?