Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dodged Another Bullet

Last night there was a weather warning out for a winter storm with high winds, white out conditions and lots of snow so we were bracing for the worst this morning. So when I peeked out the window first thing to my surprise there was no snow or wind!!! There must have been a little rain but that was it. The forecast was wrong again!!!! Perfect.

With the grass in the garden being fresh and damp Zacky was full of spit and vinegar and he went totally bonkers with his balls and got the zoomies. It is unusual for this time of year to have the grass in the back garden so green as usually either the cold or snow has covered it up by now and turned it brown but I am not complaining it is lovely.

After his doolally session in the garden, I then I took Zack for my "run" (which is still a struggle but I am hanging in there) and then finished with a bit of a walk. He is now off with my hubby in the truck to get a Starbucks. Talk about the good life for Mr. Wiggles - but he is so worth it.

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BODIE & GOO said...

Enjoy that grass while you can Zack