Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Breakthrough

On February 28, 2012, I posted about our friends little 8 month old bichon shihtzu puppy Archie who was very fearful of other dogs and a little snappy if they got too close. Zack has now visited Archie a few times and has been so patient with him giving him lots of space when Archie was feeling overwhelmed and snappy and yet still enticing him to play at every opportunity. I never taught Zack to be so good with puppies I think he just has that "in him" and "knows" the right thing to do.

On Good Friday we went over for dinner and took Zack for another visit. Well it was like night and day and Archie actually was happy to see Zack when we arrived and right away started playing with him. Yay Archie!!! It was amazing and definitely a breakthrough and they never stopped playing all night. Rachel & Jamie were overjoyed to see their little pup finally playing with another dog and I was happy for them. I am so proud of how Zack was able to help Archie out in the confidence department and we will definitely get them together more often now.

Archie is such a cute sweet little dog and gives lots of kisses and frenchies without warning - I must remember when I pick him up to cuddle him to keep my mouth shut!!!!

Next time we visit I will take some photos of Archie the little white fluff ball.


manymuddypaws said...

yay for Archie- he has been getting better and better at daycare too.

BordoggyTerrier said...

Wow I really do love your home here, its my first visit and will be the first of many I'm sure - you look just like me - if quite a tad bit tidier than myself at the moment it has to be said! I too was enthralled with your tree! (the one in the garden and the one you like to do 'doo doo' beside!)..oh and your lovely park, you got sooo close to those geese (more than I ever do, despite my best efforts!).. I'm off now to go and enjoy myself some more and have a good sniff about your particulars! Barnie x

Posie said...

Sutch a rely loverly shtory. Fanks-uuu fur sharin sutch a niyce tale, Xbox

marley said...

You is a jedi master my pal. Well done for you and we do also send woofs for Archie and wish him well wiv his progress