Thursday, April 12, 2012

It Was Time

Zack started to resemble a hyena again as his hair seems to grow over his back and withers the most and not down his sides very much at all....he was starting to look pretty funny

I decided to strip his coat ready for the warmer weather

I think he looks a whole lot better


charlene and Storm said...

hahahhahahahah that picture is fab, he really did look like a hyena xxx

onecollie said...

he looks maaaawvalaaas !! :)

Posie said...

Heheeheehe dat is so soooo funniery, I thinkk dat I haz to start callirn u hyena-boyy heeheee yooz look so grreet after yoor shtripp xox

lifewithmydogs said...

He looks very handsome in his new coat. Though the hyena look was pretty funny... :P

marley said...

Lookin very smart there my pal. I am a scruffy mess at the mo but mum finks my meds are makin mu undercoat thin so mebbe no more strippin for me.