Friday, April 6, 2012

Little Miss Scruff

It has been nearly six months since Pete's friend brought little Miss "Nina" over. She is the cutest, podgiest, sweetest unclipped mini schnauzer you ever could meet. She has one ear that sticks straight up and one which doesnt know which way to turn - so adorable.

Zack and Nina clearly remembered each other.....

They were havin a good time havin a good time

They never stopped playing for over two hours in the garden and it didn't stop when they came inside. It was all teeth and tongues.

That's quite the move there Zacky - what ya trying to show her? Too bad there's nothing left there buddy.

It was great for Zack to have a playmate his own size who could keep up for a change!!!!

Nina is so cute I hope it's not another 6 months before we see her again. She is so like Zack in many ways, great manners, not possessive of anything, great around food, scared of fat cat LOL, and I seriously could have kept her but Jim wasn't willing to part with her :(


Paws on the Run said...

The picture outside with their heads together and their mouths wide open is priceless.

lifewithmydogs said...

I could swear that was Dusty in those photos... :P He does the same 'teeth baring mode'

BODIE said...


marley said... i smell love in the air? Woof

Posie said...

Heehee oh me oh my zack, da foto owf youz on yir bakks wiv yoor headies tossed bakk n mouthers open madde me giggel n giggerl heehee Xbox