Monday, April 9, 2012


We were back at the park recently for some more fun and games with Zack and his raspberry.

Over by the lake (which has now thawed) the geese are starting to congregate. It's a sure sign of spring here.

Zack was doing so well and then he couldn't contain himself anymore and took off chasing the geese. I had to put him back on his lead as I am sure he was wanting a goose for easter dinner.

Trouble is I think the geese are used to the dogs in the park and just stay a few feet from shore. Good job Zack has a phobia of water as that goose would have been in BIG trouble. They are such beautiful birds just stupid.

After a bit of excitement at the lake we headed back for some more off lead play and Zack had to visit his favourite tree. I had him sit at it for this picture.

But this is why it is his favourite tree in the park. He always always always has to pee on it

and then shows everyone that he has done so by kicking up chunks of dirt


onecollie said...

love the shot of him sitting beside the tree!

marley said...

Hmmm....we see a lot of them canada Geese in da uk.....w fort they had all emigrated here but i am glad to see you still haz a few left...