Sunday, April 22, 2012


It's Mr. Wiggles again who was  up to no good yesterday and it was written all over his face, who me?
I was cleaning the fridge out and lo and behold Zack took off with one of my peppers from the salad draw!!!
When I had all the food from the fridge out on the kitchen counter Zacky was circling round the counter like a shark round a boat, and if he was two feet taller he would have been counter surfing for sure 
I sent Zack to his bed like a good boy but he only did that half heartedly.
I had to laugh at Zack as he was so funny because that giant white thing in the kitchen with all the noms in it was finally open and he could see and smell all what was inside,  it had thrown him over the edge with excitement and he was so trying to be a good boy but just couldn't. LOL!!!


marley said...

You stick wiv me Zack. I haz the secret to openin the big white boxes. I will tell you when mum not be listenin in....

onecollie said...

funny!, Kort really likes peppers, weird huh !

BODIE said...

If only we knew how to open the big white machine we could be masters of our own universe hey.

lifewithmydogs said...

Maybe it's a border thing to love veggies! I'd never seen a dog pick something from the garden and eat it all on their own before we got Dusty. He eats lots, but I guess half of it's good veggies.