Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Agility Class #1

When Zack was a puppy I had him enrolled in a puppy agility class with Amanda. We were only able to attend the first couple of classes and then due to Zack's ill health as a puppy I had to pull him from that class. Now the time has come to try again.

Last night we had our first class. It was an orientation of what was to come. I haven't done agility for about 15 years (when I had my Sheltie) so basically I am starting from scratch again. I am glad to hear that positive reenforcement methods are used as part of the training program. I am all for that.

I am hoping Zack enjoys agility once we start. He is so athletic and fit, not like me who is the total opposite ahahahah. I am sure I will need more training than Zack but I am up for the challenge. I will have to let someone else eat my pringles that I am going to buy and just keep the plastic lid for myself for Zack's target training.

Sarah, one of the trainers had the best toy ever for a terrier. I had never thought about using a cat toy for a dog but there was this circular plastic ring with a rat inside it that spins. I gotta get one of those!!!! I will only use it for agility so it will be Zack's "special toy" reward.

Looking forward to next week Agility Class #2 when we start with the dogs.


Sarah said...

Lisa, he will do great. And I'm pumped to have a terrier in the group, just not enough of them!!! It's really difficult to outsmart a terrier, but they are so fun to train - make him think its his idea and you'll be set - I bet he'll LOVE the cat toy!!!!!!! Sometimes you gotta think like a terrier!! And if all else fails we can catch him a gopher to keep his focus :)

onecollie said...

oh, you two will LOVE agility!!!!, especially the way Amanda & Sarah teach!, it is amazing how fast the dogs learn!!

Lisa said...

I can't wait that's for sure.