Friday, April 23, 2010

Rally Class Grad #2

It was our last class for Rally training last night. It was great fun and we had two courses that Amanda had set up with two new signs I had never done before!! The 180 degree left pivot and the moving down. I was stoked with how Zack did in both the courses. After we finished the courses, we had to do sit stays. There were wicked distractions coming from moving dogs each side of me, balls being thrown, and loud noises, and Zack held his stay. I was trying not to laugh as I could tell he was ready to burst the minute the ball rolled by. After about the fourth/fifth sit/stay he did break - he couldn't hold it any longer, but I was happy with the way he did and just laughed. Zack is a busy boy so to stay put is a true miracle!!!! ahahahah

I do feel Zack has improved over the last few weeks and now I just have to keep my training up seeing we have no more classes. My goal is to enter him into a novice rally trial later this summer. Zack seems to enjoy Rally so why not I guess. I have never entered any dog for anything before so this will be my first. A bit nerve wracking not knowing what to expect and how to enter but I am sure I will muddle through and get it done.

Agility lessons start next week, whoo hoo!!!!


onecollie said...

if you need any help , just ask....we would all be happy to show you & Zack the ropes!

Lisa said...

Thanks Jo.