Friday, April 30, 2010

CKC Registration

I got Zack from Montana in the US and he was an AKC Registered puppy. I wasn't going to show him in comformation or breed him, so it didn't bother me at the time. Then I got the Rally Obedience bug and was considering entering Zack into a trial when he was ready. I then found out that Zack would have to be CKC registered to compete. It has been such a rigmarole to go through to get him registered in the Canadian Kennel Club.
Firstly, Zack was sold as a pet and had a limited registration with the AKC. That had to be changed to full registration, so the breeder had to sign papers, I had to sign papers. Then I resubmitted everything to AKC. I have now received my full AKC registration. Then I find out Zack's Microchip that the breeder gave him in the US is not acceptable to the CKC. Accordingly he had to be rechipped with a compatable one for the CKC. Now Zack has two microchips in him. I thought that was it but no. Having the new microchip and me registering him was not enough. They wanted a written statement from my vet on their letterhead stating when Zack got his chip, the kind, etc. etc. Blimy, who knew it would be so much hassle.

Anyways, I think I have everything together now (hopefully) and it is just a matter of sending it in. Fingers crossed it goes through this time and Zack will have his CKC registration in time for a Rally Obedience trial later this summer.

Can you tell I am new at registering a dog!!!!! It probably wouldn't have been so much hassle if he was Canadian born. Like me, Zack is an immigrant!! ahahahah


onecollie said...

haha!, I have an American & a Canadian born was super easy for me to register my Am. born as both his parents were CKC registered already!, plus my breeder sent along the 4 generation pedigree for me....oh, microchipping wasn't necessary back in 2002, so Tate just needed to be tatooed.
It is such a hassle though, isn't it!, poor Zack with 2 chips, at least you know he will never be lost no matter what country you're in!

Sarah said...

i hear ya Lisa, i just got mine sent back .... not sure if i can even get the info i need - we'll see how it goes.

good luck with yours!!!