Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rally Class Tonight

So I did not practice with Zack hardly at all last week and still had a great class. We did lots of exercises. Maybe I should practice less often? ahahah. Probably not, but I felt Zack did really well tonight considering my slacking off with his training. He was heeling with me better I thought and was more upbeat. I still have to work on the stand with him and now it is getting more serious start to "tidy up" his sits etc. which I have not been doing at all so far. Yikes!

Tonight Zack did an off leash recall with another dog in the class doing the same thing at the same time, then there were three or more dogs going at the same time. He actually came when called and sat - didn't veer off after the other dogs. We then heeled back off leash to our "spot". I was super stoked about that.
Zack is the first dog I have had that seems to enjoy learning as much as I do and I hope he continues to enjoy it in the future and we continue to improve. If he does, he will be my first dog I will enter into any kind of trial, EVER. So excited about that. We have a long ways to go but it is a goal I would like to meet if I can.
I have so much to learn tho. I am always concerned I am doing the wrong thing and I don't want to ruin or put Zack off in any way. We shall see what the future brings.

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manymuddypaws said...

sometimes a little training goes farther than lots of not so great training.

zack's heeling has improved a lot- the rewarding him while moving has made that part fun for him.

you'll be ready for august for sure. don't worry. :o)