Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not so Quiet an Evening

So today with the weather the way it was I didn't feel like going out and neglected to take Zack for his daily walk/run this evening. When Zack doesn't get out, that is when one realizes how much exercise helps keep Zack's energy level down in the house. He tends to get into mischief when he doesn't get out. It has been Zack "no", Zack "off", Zack "quiet" all evening...ahahahah My fault of course.

Also last weekend we removed a whole bunch of sod from our backyard to make room for new flowerbeds and trees. Just my luck the weather turned and now the snow that has melted and all the rain has turned my hard work into great big mud pools/baths and a giant water bowl for Zack's enjoyment. I dread to think when the pools recede then it will just be sticky mud, all the more fun for a terrier!!!!! What was I thinking.

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