Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Fever

With all this nice weather lately it has been great to be able to walk Zack and not freeze, although the wind has been a bit trying at times. I think I am counting every blade of green grass coming up in the back yard as well as checking the buds on my apple tree on a daily basis. I think I have spring fever for sure.

On our walk this morning in the coulees we saw a coyote, it was both awesome and unnerving at the same time. Luckily Zack didn't see it, but my friend's dog Dylan did. Smart dog just looked. The coyote just went on it's way and didn't bother us. Zack has no clue about coyotes and probably would have thought it was another dog and bounded up to it. I have to be so careful when I am out in "the wilds" of Lethbridge with him.

Had a great couple of days off over Easter. Of course ate too much - hence the coulee walk this morning. I wish I had Zack's energy and fitness - he must have ran up and down the stairs at the sugar bowl about 3 times when I was only half way up. If only - ahahahahaa!!!!

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onecollie said...

we can dream can't we! LOL!