Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rally Class

Again we had an awesome Rally class tonight. We did lots of heeling, serpentines, 360s left and right to name just a few. I was thrilled with Zack's 90 degree left pivot, that has improved alot. I still use lots of treats at this point but will try and back off gradually.

I am getting frustrated a little with Zack's heeling. One minute he seems right there with me and then another I have lost him. I have tried to keep his attention and some days he is great and I think we have conquered it and then the next time I am having troubles again. Is he bored? Is it because he is a terrier and has an independent streak? I am not sure. I have got to remember we haven't been at this long and I am sure it will work itself out.

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manymuddypaws said...

you really haven't been teaching heeling long- and I see great improvement. Last night was probably the best yet.

One of the things I think you should try is to be more variable with your rewards. Try not to have your hand low the whole time- only when you are going in to feed him. Also, I think your delivery needs to be more exciting. When you give him a treat be excited and happy which will excite him.

I think with time he will be a great little heeler! Practice, Practice, Practice!