Saturday, April 17, 2010

First "Incident"

Today I took Zack to the dog park for a run. Everything was great - he was having fun and playing with the dogs down there, the weather was lovely, it was all good. I met these people who had a cute as a button yorkie x and a lovely fat slobbery boxer. There was also a man farther back who had a pit bull. The pit bull was on an extendilead and the man had him close. He told us not to worry about him as he was friendly, so we didn't. We continued on and Zack and the yorkie were having a great time and were playing around chasing each other when the pit bull lunged to the end of the extendilead. The pit bull was so quick it knocked Zack over mid stride and went for him, Zack then went back at the pit bull. Zack must have been pissed as he loves all dogs and is not aggressive. Anyways, luckily the owner of the pit bull and I got there immediately - it sounded worse than it was - then the yorkie literally lept in on the action and broke it up completely (yay, for the yorkie!!). It was a bit traumatic for all (especially me!!). I checked Zack over and I couldn't see any puncture holes or bites and of course the pit bull was fine. Zack just shook himself off and continued to play with the yorkie. It was the first incident I have had with Zack that shook me up. I have nothing against pit bulls and thank goodness this man had this dog on a lead, but I wished he had kept the dog in control on that lead. Geeesh!

I guess now I know that if Zack is threatened, being a terrier he will not back down and I will have to watch out for that. Lesson learned. I would liked to have learned that lesson from something other than a pit bull!!! It could have been a lot worse. We were very lucky.

If I can laugh at this incident it is that the little yorkie x was the one who stopped a pit bull!!! I think she had a thing for Zack (you will see what I mean in a later post) ahahahaahah

Anyways, afterwards I carried on with my walk and we met up with more dogs at the park. Luckily Zack had put the incident behind him and was his usual lovely playful self with them. Full of fun and happiness. The rest of the walk was uneventful, Zack had lots of playtime with an adorable bloodhound puppy and a gorgeous blue lacy (never heard of that breed before but I checked online when I got back and true enough it is one). I will blog more about them at a later date.

My biggest fear is that if Zack gets attacked and fights back, he will start to become aggressive towards other dogs. So far this hasn't happened and I hope never will. I love that he has such a friendly attitude to all living things and I don't want that to change.

Hopefully this will be his first and last incident at the dog park.


onecollie said...

wow that must have been scary!
I wouldn't worry about Zack becoming dog aggressive, Tate has been attacked many (about 5) times & he has never changed in his love of all dogs.....I am always wary though as a few of these dogs owners also said that their dogs were fine, then they turned....kinda why I don't really go to the off leash parks much...unless it's with a bunch of us, then I have back up ! :)

Paws on the Run said...

Isn't that baby bloodhound cute!! I often see them at lunch. He is getting so big.

I wonder why that dog was leashed in the first place. Leashed dogs at dog parks ALWAYS make me nervous. If they are leashed because they might run off that is OK, but if they are leashed because the owners don't know how they will react, that is not OK. And trust me, the latter happens. People don't always use their common sense.

Lisa said...

It has put me off going to the dog park a bit. I must admit.