Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dog Day Out - Part IV - The Beach

I still haven't blogged about the great time we had at Wally's Beach the day we took the dogs out.  I am sure I will have to do more than one post about it - to show the photos at the very least - we had a blast anyway.  Here goes.

It was nice walking  through the small dunes getting to the beach as it was somewhat sheltered.   Little did we know it was so breezy once we hit the nice beach at the lake but that didn't stop Zacky from anticipating his chuck it ball was coming....

He was back and forth and loving every minute of it...

even the mouthfuls of sand didn't deter him.... a quick gag to clear his throat and he was off again 

For some reason the chuck it ball on the beach is a whole different thing that a chuck it ball in the garden.... also having Pete there to throw it rather than me makes a difference ahahahah - and yeah I do throw like a girl - which is sometimes backwards when I was aiming forwards but I try.

We had been training Molly the "come" on her leash and as it was such a safe place out there, no one around and lots of open areas to see her we put her on her 50 foot leash and she seemed fine so we decided to let her off.   It was a bit nerve racking but she was great!!!  She followed Zacky and came for a cookie (so glad she is food motivated).  

I swear I think I almost cried to see how happy she was running free and having so much fun.   

She tried so hard to get the ball when Pete threw it but no matter how fast she tried

those stubby little legs just weren't quick enough - and Zacky teased her once he got the ball

 Her heart was in though and she gave it her all

 Little did she know we had 3 balls!!!    Til next time

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