Thursday, October 31, 2013

Snowy Fun

Yesterday I took the dogs to the top of the coulees for a walk in the snow and a bit of off leash time.   We are just starting to let Molly off her leash and it was a perfect morning to do so with no one or nothing in sight.   I am being very careful that's for sure.

I wasn't sure what Molly would think about the deeper snow with those stubby legs and didn't think she would leave my side or go too far but she didn't care and actually run off with Zacky to play for the first time charging through the snow....

Zack was so happy to have someone to run with for a change

and then the chase was on

Molly does look just a little bit like a white rabbit running in the snow :) and it doesn't help that she hops and bounces alot cuz of those legs

which caught Zack's eye and he got his game face on

he was so focused

on this little nipper

run Molly run!!!

they were so cute.

It was actually hard to get them to stop running about to have a picture taken together.   

I just loves morning walks like this - it just puts a smile on my face.

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marley said...

Pawsome fun my pal…kwik tip fur yoo….why not post link to da blogs on twitter so dat all the posse ee it and you gets more vizzytors...