Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dog Day Out - Part V - Beach cont.

So like I said we had more than one ball.   Zack continued to have his fun with the chuck it and then Molly was off

chasing a ball of her own

and she finally got it

Whoo hoo Molly

Zacky still got to have his ball and wasn't giv'in it up

He even tried to get Molly's ball on occasion!!!   He was hilarious as he would keep a ball in his mouth, jump and bounce all over and growl and shake his head at the other ball that he could not get cuz he already had one!!!  Wish I had my video camera to capture his craziness...

The desire soon passed for Molly tho..she was happy just to follow Zack around

Maybe it was all the sand in her soft whiskers.... not quite so repellent as Zack's wiry coat.


BODIE said...

Good Luck with tryin to fit another ball in ya mouth Zacky, I think Charlie Brown my choccie lab cousin can fit 3 in before they stop droppin out. We like your new cover photo too. Molly is looking right purdy.

marley said...

Look like da best of days my chums...iz also good news dat we had seen you on twitter at fun dere wiv all I pals.....i ope we can have chats wiv you. I tell you wwho da Canadaian tweeters do be so you can tok wiv dem durin yore day