Saturday, October 26, 2013


Last weekend we participated in a 9km Walkathon for the Lethbridge Humane Society.   It was a gorgeous day and the turnout was great.   There was twice as many participants and their dogs this year.   It was Molly's first event and she was just fine, not overwhelmed at all by all the people and dogs.   

The dogs got anxious with the wait tho and Zacky of course started to get fed up of hanging about and wanted to get going  - can you tell in this face :)

Everyone started to gather with their dogs ready for the off

there was lots of them - 400 I think they said this year

Then we were off too.... the dogs behaved pretty well all the way round.   Zack sniffed as much as he could without getting run over by the marathoners and Molly strutted her stuff.

We did 9km in pretty good time and afterward the dogs were ready for their reward at the end.  Some goodies were in order.

We met this little cutie.  She is actually a white miniature schnauzer with a shaved haircut

and this one

After a while it was time to go home and here we are back at the house ready for some serious napping.

Will post again soon of the after effects of the day....


BODIE said...

Thats a big day walking with that many doggles. Good on yas.

marley said...

Well dun my bud to be doin stuff to elp uvver doggies an annymals