Friday, October 11, 2013

Last Blog of the Beach

Zacky hardly ever dropped his ball  cuz this little white fluffy thing was always lurking and would swoop
in and pick it up

He kept a sharp eye out for her

evening taking it to the water cuz he knows she too much of a prissy girl to get her feet wet

or so he thought

she was right there with him

but it's true she wouldn't get her feet too wet  - just hung out with Zack and watched everything

Then she'd be off - go Molly go

I happen to turn around and caught Zacky on this rock - I think he remembers some of his pivot training from obedience - I swear I never put him there he did this all by himself - awwww - it's been a long time since training so I guess he did retain something ahahah

Oh, I think I told you it was windy right?

On the way back to the car Zacky was checking out the roots of the knarly trees that surround the small dunes and I made the dogs stop to get a picture.    I think  Zack was fed up by this point of me taking his picture - I may have taken a few BOL

Molly has no idea what she has to come ..... now to get her to sit stay....hmmm


marley said...

I fink you in daynger of been upstage my pal....

BODIE said...

Mollys a natural at posin, looks like she's been doing this all her life.