Monday, October 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Walk

Pete and I took the dogs for a walk in the river valley today.  It was such a gorgeous thanksgiving day weather wise that we just kept going.   We started out at Hwy 3 parking lot and ended up doing the full loop from one side of the river to the other.

We went "off roading" and took the dirt trails rather than the paved trails.   Came across tree trunks and other obstacles along our way but it was just fine.

Cuz it's a nature reserve and cuz Zack doesn't know that and thinks that anything that looks remotely like a critter is his for the taking.....he was kept on his lead through the woods.   Molly led the way and Zack loves to tuck in behind Pete.

but once out in the open on the shore of the river we let him off- he got the zoomies bad

Molly had a good run but was just as happy to hang out for cookies  :)

The river valley was just gorgeous today.   The fall colours and reflections - I love this time of year.

 We walked passed the bridge on this side of the river

and ended up across the pedestrian bridge to the other side and started walking back along the dirt trail. We were not sure with the flood this spring whether the trail was still there even, but it was fine 

Molly liked to be out in front - the distance today didn't seem to bother her and she had lots of pep - no need to worry about short walks only for this little madam - she's a born hiker - she just doesn't look the part that's all

Over 2 hours later and almost back 

Last stop before the Wilderness Centre wetland - not many birds today which was unusual.  Actually didn't see anything today - not even a deer.  

Although I think Zack and Molly found some evidence of deer along the way and had a quick snack.
Hope everybody's Thanksgiving was as good as ours.


marley said...

We gib fanks for yoo an yore blog my pal...

BODIE said...

What Marley Said. :-)