Monday, October 28, 2013

Lack of Focus

This last few weeks I have been taking Molly to a dog class to help build her confidence and learn the basics.   She has been doing really well considering her background and seems quite happy about the whole "learning" thing.   Hot dogs help alot too!!!

Tonight in class however there was some serious lack of focus -  on my part that is :).   We had a sequence of heeling through cones which were numbered and we were to weave through them using our telephone number.   I forgot my telephone number halfway through and did some random numbers here and there, then I forgot to follow other people and how they were doing in class then I managed to call Molly, Zack on numerous occasions.   She still responded BOL!!!

Talk about my having "squirrel syndrome" tonight, normally that's Zacky's problem :).

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marley said...

*sigh* there is no werds mum....