Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Loving It Now

After the initial shock to the system of the snow and cold temps

Zack is lovin the snow after all.... he spends hours scanning the garden for critters as they stick out like sore thumb against the white background.

Once out, he patrols the perimeter to check things out leaving a little trail behind him which little Molly stubby legs uses to follow him around so she doesn't have to trudge through the deeper parts :)

Zacky found three of his balls and his ball within a ball after lots of rummaging.  He was one happy boy.

I assume from Molly's background that she never got to enjoy romping in the snow in that puppy mill so it was great to see her having fun.   Those little stubby legs don't seem to stop her (yet anyway)  

She gets around like a little jumping bean. 

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marley said...

Ravver yoo dan me Zack my pal....I duss not like to be wet an cold