Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fishing with Zack (Part 2)

Police Lake is my favourite spot to fish and it's great when Zack can come along too.
Every year at Police Lake a pair of bald eagles nest in the same tree and this year was no exception. I think one of them was hunkered down on eggs as she didn't move all day. You could see her head pop up every once in a while.
The other bird would fly off and bring back nesting material. It was pretty cool.
They truly are spectacular when you see them in flight.
We eventually made it back to shore and when the guys were getting the boat pulled in and cleaned up Zack and I enjoyed the warmth and hung out on the jetty. It is so crazy how much warmer it is when you are off the water.
We then walked around the campground - Zack was so glad we were back on land and was in hunt mode with all the new smells.
Trouble is we could be the ones being hunted as the bears are now out of hibernation now and it is a known spot for them to be.
So Zack and I didn't venture too far even though the trails looked so inviting.


BODIE said...

Eek bears, now there's something we don't have.

marley said...

Glad you made it back to land Zacky, but do be careful of them bears. I kno they can be friendly for the most part but i would not like to surprise one....

Posie said...

zackeroo, i iz glad yoo gott awll cozy on da jetty, butt yoo lookid pretty charmin in yooz littel liyfey jackit!!! heeehee, love pdorg xox

BordoggyTerrier said...

Well the birds were ok, and I can see the appeal of bumping into a bear even, I'm sure a Border could hold its own against one (don't think I'm gonna test tat theory though ey! ha ha) - but what I simply cannot take my eyes off is you Zack looking so mighty fine in that dazzling, ridiculous mighty fine safety suit there! - Brilliant! x

BordoggyTerrier said...

Sorry Zack, I meant to say "red ee lish ous" suit there, not ridiculous - I gotta get me one of them, loved it !! x